Last week, Boston-based Sonde Health acquired NeuroLex Laboratories, Inc. to expand its voice-based technology platform. Sonde’s proprietary platform detects symptoms of health conditions, such as depression and respiratory disease, from changes in voice.

Using machine learning, Sonde senses and analyzes subtle vocal changes due to changes in a person’s physiology to provide early health detection and monitoring. Sone Health has 300,000 voice samples from over 50,000 individuals. The data is especially useful in the fields of psychosis and related psychiatric treatment.

NeuroLex Labs offers highly complementary services. It also uses speech analysis to detect various health conditions early, before full-blown symptoms occur, according to Deal Search Online.

However, for the past two years, NeuroLex has built one of the largest laboratories in the world to collect, label, and model voice data tagged with health conditions comprised of over 40 research fellows across 12 universities.

The merger will give Sonde access to NeuroLex Labs’ popular web-enabled voice survey and analysis platform, as well as its rich dataset, creating one of the world’s preeminent biobanks focused on vocal biomarkers. In addition, merging Sonde’s mobile and voice-assistant platforms with NeuroLex’s web-based capabilities will enable the delivery of voice-enabled health detection and monitoring over any platform.

No terms were disclosed.