Community Psychiatric Clinic Merges with Navos

Two Seattle-based not-for-profits have teamed up to scale up, essentially. Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC) and Navos, a wholly owned affiliate of MultiCare Health System, announced their merger on June 14. Navos is the public behavioral health provider for more than 40% of all youth served in the King County community behavioral health system, and is the largest behavioral health provider in Washington state.

CPC operates four clinics in Belltown, Lake City, North Gate and Wallingford, and provides mental health, substance abuse disorder treatment programs, as well as supportive housing services.

Navos offers a full spectrum of behavioral health services to more than 12,000 low-income children, youth and adults each year. It merged with MultiCare Health System in 2017.

Navos and CPC will combine to support behavioral health services and be more efficient with the narrow operating margins in the community behavioral health field. Their goal is to support low-income children, youth and adults through treatment and recovery.

CPC and Navos plan to merge under the Navos name on November 1, 2018.



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