Medical Device Deals Stay Strong in 2016

Medical Devices is finishing the year on a high note. In fact, as of December 29, 2016, deal volume reached 113 transactions, equal to 2015’s total. Deal value topped off at $61.3 billion, a 111% increase from last year’s total of $29.1 billion.

Medical Device Sector Picks Up in Q3:16

In the first eight months of 2016, 80 transactions were announced in the Medical Device sector, making it unlikely this year’s deal volume would surpass last year’s total of 114 deals. As the third quarter wraps up, the sector’s deal volume has reached 90 deals: 31 in Q1, 27 in Q2, and 32 as of […]

Cantel Medical Adds Dental to Its Healthcare Disposables Segment

With five acquisitions in the infection prevention/disposables market since 2014, Cantel Medical (NYSE: CMN) is on a roll. The company, which provides infection prevention and control product and services, just announced its second medical device deal this year, buying Accutron Inc., a privately-held manufacturer of nitrous oxide delivery systems and single-use nasal masks. The $52.5 […]