Home Health & Hospice Is Primed for Consolidation

The Home Health & Hospice sector is far less fragmented than it was just five years ago. The sector has seen a lot of activity, thanks to the push by payors to move patients towards lower-cost post-acute care settings. That has attracted a lot of investor interest in recent years, and 2018 proved to be […]

Addus HomeCare Moves into New Mexico Market

Addus HomeCare (NASDAQ: ADUS) has boosted its presence in the southwestern United States with its $40 million acquisition of Ambercare Corporation, a privately held home care company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ambercare provides personal care, hospice and home health services to roughly 2,600 individuals through its 15 locations in New Mexico. It generated revenue […]

Home Health and Hospice Sector Hit by Headwinds

The Home Health & Hospice sector has experienced a few headwinds in 2017. Besides the ongoing labor shortage, reimbursement levels would be severely impacted by the passage of the Senate Republicans’ Better Care Reconciliation Act, which curtails federal spending on Medicaid beginning in 2020.