Safi Biotherapeutics announced that it entered into an agreement to acquire all the assets of EryPharm, a Paris, France-based biotechnology company. According to data captured in the LevinPro HC database, this acquisition marks the sixth Biotechnology transaction of 2024.  

EryPharm, a spin-off of Prof. Luc Douay’s Sorbonne University team, is an innovative company for the industrial culture of red blood cells from stem cells. It achieved a breakthrough in the production of a new biological drug, the Cultured Red Blood Cells from Hematopoietic Stem Cells, which aims to supplement blood donation for blood transfusion.  

Safi Biotherapeutics is a pre-clinical stage blood cell therapy company developing bio-manufactured red blood cells (mRBCs) with targeted immuno-phenotypes for multi-unit, chronic transfusion indications, including sickle-cell disease, thalassemias and chemotherapy-related anemia, as well as universal donor mRBCs for acute trauma transfusion. The company operates out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

The acquisition brings together the cutting-edge proprietary technologies of both Safi and EryPharm, creating a powerful synergy that is poised to revolutionize the biomanufacturing landscape. The financial terms were not disclosed.