Phenomics Health Adds Clinical Assessment Capabilities

Making sure patients with multiple chronic conditions aren’t over- or under-dosed with medications can be a fraught process. Phenomics Health, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been working on the genomics side of the problem. Its recent acquisition of Precera Bioscience‘s patented portfolio of pharmacometabolomic technology adds capabilities to provide a more complete view of patients’ potential and actual response to medications than is currently available.

Phenomics Health is a bioinformatics platform-based precision medicine company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate advanced genetic, epigenetic, multi-omics and health data into novel pharmacological clinical treatment decision support products and services.

The portfolio will be integrated with Phenomics’ existing PrecīsMed brand and licensed to clinical laboratories and healthcare systems. Precera’s pharmacometabolomic technology enables detection, quantitative measurement and comprehensive assessment of more than 200 medications in a patient’s bloodstream.

Combined with Phenomics Health’s technology, the resulting information from PrecīsMed will help clinicians personalize drug therapy by determining what medications and dose a patient is actually taking, drug-drug interactions, and how genetics may impact the body’s ability to process those medications.

Patients who suffer from comorbid disorders often require treatments with multiple medications, which can result in missed, wrong, or multiple dosages. Additionally, genetics can play a role in determining whether a medication is as effective as it could or should be, as well as disease state, drug-drug interactions, and socio-cultural or environmental conditions.

Phenomics Health also plans to use the information gathered from de-identified patient population data to inform its machine learning and AI-based bioinformatics platform, which can be mined for present and future research. Win-win for everyone.



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