Connecticut Cannabis Company Sold to Tuatara Capital

Tuatara Capital didn’t travel far to find its latest investment. While several companies recently have targeted Florida medical cannabis growers (and their licenses), the New York City-based cannabis investor took a drive up I95 to bag Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions (CTS).

CTS is a licensed medical cannabis cultivator in the state of Connecticut. It manufactures pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products, including dried flower, extracted concentrates, vaporizers, tinctures, oral tablets and sprays, and topical treatments.

Tuatara Capital is a specialized alternative investment manager founded in 2014 to support the legal cannabis industry. It currently manages more than $124 million in cannabis-focused assets.

The company, renamed CPS, Inc., will be a medical cannabis research and production company focused on the utilization of science and technology to develop innovative cannabinoid treatments that improve the quality of life for patients in Connecticut.

The company, which operates from a facility in Portland, Connecticut, is one of the four licensed producers of medical cannabis in the state, supplying a network of nine medical dispensaries.

CPS is currently finalizing an expansion of its existing facility, while also making plans to significantly further expand its cultivation and production footprint to stay ahead of the state’s growing patient count. This planned expansion will help to ensure that medical cannabis patients across Connecticut will continue to have ready access to an appropriate supply of the high-quality medicine that they require.



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