Alpaca Audiology Adds On

You may not have heard that Thompson Street Capital Partners acquired a little business called Alpaca Audiology in June 2017. Ever since, the add-ons have been coming fast and thick.

As M&A in specialty physician practices goes, dentists and dermatologists are the hot targets in 2018. Every now and then we find a urology or ENT practice changes hands. Audiology hasn’t cropped up in recent years, until now.

Alpaca Audiology, based in Springfield, Missouri, consists of two business units: a portfolio of audiology clinics and a buying group/negotiating network for audiologist practices with free membership and benefits.

Since Thompson Street took over, the company has announced five acquisitions, beginning in October 2017 for Resolution Hearing Group, LLC for an undisclosed price. Rather than being a clinic, Resolution works with audiologists, physicians and administrators on strategic improvements to practice infrastructure, operations, growth and profitability.

Since then, Alpaca’s added four real practices spread out between Mountain Home, Arkansas to Grandville, Michigan. The most recent deal, announced in August 2018, brought in Darr & Associates, a practice based in South Bend, Indiana with locations in Kalamazoo and Sturgis, Michigan and South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana.

We’ll be discussing the specialty physician medical M&A market on Thursday, September 13, 2018 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm ET. Panelists are Andrew Colbert from Ziegler, Lesley Levinson from Robinson & Cole and Jeff Swearingen from Edgemont Capital Partners. Join us for a great discussion and in-depth look at what’s driving deals in this sector.



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