With one week to go in 2015, there are still a few big pharmaceutical deals in the works. Shire plc (NASDAQ: SHPG) is now in friendly talks to take over Baxalta International Inc. (NYSE: BXLT) for a price rumored to be above $30 billion. By who’s waiting for 2016? Here is a preliminary tally of the year in pharmaceutical M&A, and how it compares to previous years. Spoiler alert: 2015 is another record year in dollar value.

Pharmaceutical M&A, 2011 to 2015*

Deal volume115103150188167
% change11%-10%46%25%-11%
Deal value$44.1 billion$38.1 billion$66.7 billion$213.3 billion$297.4 billion
% change11%-14%76%219%40%
*= thru Dec. 23