The United Kingdom is still luring behavioral health buyers from the United States. Last week Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS) picked up Alpha Hospitals Holdings Ltd., a privately held company, for an undisclosed price. Alpha operates four behavioral health hospitals with a combined total of 305 beds. It will be added to Universal’s London-based Cygnet Health Care group, which was acquired in September 2014 for $335 million. Cygnet came with 17 facilities, including 15 inpatient behavioral health hospitals (743 beds, total) and two nursing homes. Astute readers will recall that U.S. rival Acadia Healthcare Company (NASDAQ: ACHC) picked up The Manor Clinic, a 15-bed residential rehab center in Southampton in July, and Care UK (300 beds) and Choice Lifestyles (42 beds) in June. Tally-ho.