Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG) made a big bet on a small company last week, when it agreed to pay nearly $1 billion to Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ: JUNO) for a 10-year collaboration on immunotherapies targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases. The real price is $999,803,496 and consists of an upfront payment of $150 million, and the purchase of 9.1 million shares of JUNO common stock at a price of $93.00 per share. That’s a pretty generous offer, considering Juno’s stock price was bumping along around $54.00 late last week. Juno will be responsible for research and development in North America, and retains commercialization rights there. Celgene will be responsible for development and commercialization in the rest of the world, and will pay Juno a royalty on sales in those areas.