• CRO M&A Market in 2020 (So Far)

    There haven’t been many deals targeting contract research organizations (CRO) in 2020, especially compared to previous years, which makes sense. Life science companies are all slowing down clinical trials (COVID-19 vaccine research excluded) to adhere to social distancing guidelines, meaning CRO services are just not in as high demand. For... Read More »
  • Ophthalmology Groups Are Still Selling

    Despite the effects of COVID-19 on physician groups, investors are still acquiring ophthalmology groups, especially in the third quarter, according to DSO. Just last week, EyeSouth Partners acquired Retina Associates of Middle Georgia (RAMG) for an undisclosed sum. Based in Macon, Georgia, RAMG provides treatment for the retina, macula, and... Read More »
  • Hospice M&A Activity Surges in 2020

    Despite the volatile market conditions for healthcare M&A, hospice targets have remained a remarkably consistent draw for investors, according to data captured in DSO. In the second quarter of 2020, 70% of HH&H transactions were for hospice specific targets, or targets that provided only hospice services, instead of a mix of hospice and... Read More »
  • Teladoc Health and Livongo Health Merge

    The virtual care giant Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC) is having a wild year. The company’s second-quarter earnings reports showed Teladoc’s year-over-year revenues surged by 85% to $241 million, and its total telehealth visits rose to 2.8 million, a year-over-year increase of 203%, all thanks to the effects of COVD-19. And now,... Read More »
  • Health Care M&A Deals, August 7, 2020

    The Health Care M&A deals chart is a selection of transactions announced during the prior week(s). The M&A transactions presented here are from our Deal Search Online database, which is updated daily to provide our subscribers with the most up-to-date information and trends in the healthcare industry. The largest deal of the week was... Read More »
Feeling Distressed? You’re Not Alone

Feeling Distressed? You’re Not Alone

For the past two years, the volume of healthcare deals has soared to new heights. Much of the growth has been powered by financial buyers, private equity firms in particular, piling into the healthcare services sectors. In 2018, a new record for annual deal volume was hit, now standing at 1,917. The services sectors accounted for 65% (1,242 deals), slightly higher than the typical 60% to 62%. Last year’s total deal tally now stands at 1,824 transactions, the second highest total ever recorded, and 70% of that comes from healthcare services deals. Why, then, have Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings among the services sectors spiked along with that activity? Since the second quarter of 2017, the... Read More »

2020 Outlook and Opportunities

Here’s a prediction: Healthcare M&A will remain strong in 2020, at least until the November presidential election. Unless a recession hits before then. All of the analysts, lawyers and investment bankers we’ve spoken to in recent months agree on that scenario. Everyone is seeing robust deal flow and/or pipelines but knows the uncertainties that are sure to play out through the Democratic presidential primaries and into the general election could adversely affect this market. Their predictions are based on what has become status quo in the financial world. Low inflation, low cost of capital and a lot of money sitting in private funds on the sidelines, just waiting to get into the game.... Read More »