TA Associates Climbs on the Autism Bandwagon

Autism disorders are big business these days, as private equity firms flock to the subsector. More than 40 deals targeting all manner of autism services have been announced since the beginning of 2014. Of those, 17 were direct investments by firms such as Frazier Healthcare Partners (August 2018) and Pharos Capital Group (November 2018) and […]


Rehab Companies Still on the Prowl

M&A in the rehabilitation sector has been pretty slow this year. So slow, in fact, no deals were recorded in February. The first week in March, however, things picked up. U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. (NYSE: USPH) announced it acquired a 55% stake in an unidentified physical therapy practice that operates through eight clinics. The stake […]

Pharos Capital Builds Its Physical Therapy Platform

Last June, Pharos Capital Group, LLC acquired a controlling interest in MOTION PT Holdings, a physical therapy and occupational therapy services company in New York City.  In the beginning, MOTION PT was a 98-lb. weakling, representing the combination of  Brooklyn-based MetroSportsMed and Manhattan-based STAR Physical Therapy. Since then, the company has added quite a bit of muscle, in […]