What Private Equity Firms Are Buying in 2016

Private equity’s success relies upon forward-looking expectations about which firms are best positioned to capitalize on market conditions. The healthcare market poses unique challenges. Although healthcare targets may have the profit opportunities that appeal to PE firms, the volatile legislative and reimbursement environment can turn a “smart bet” into an albatross. A recent report from […]




Universal Health Makes Another U.K. Purchase

We’ve seen a lot of companies divesting non-core assets lately. Sometimes the reason is regulatory approval purposes, and other times the company simply wants to focus exclusively on a different business unit. In the latter case, Cambian Group plc (LSE: CMBN) is looking to expand its children services unit.


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The Biggest Deals of 2016

It’s been a busy year for healthcare deal making. As of December 2, the combined total spending was $239.1 billion, going to finance 1,419 transactions. That’s 40% behind the $400 billion spent in all of 2015, but just 7% behind last year’s deal volume of 1,520 deals.

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What Will the 115th Congress Do?

The ACA Will Be Repealed. It’s the Replacement That’s Tricky. Donald Trump has transitioned from presidential candidate to president-elect, and has nominated conservative Republican Rep. Tom Price, MD (R-GA) to oversee the Department of Health and Human Services. In the same announcement, healthcare consultant Seema Verma, with ties to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, was nominated […]

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Digital Health Deals Surpass 2015’s Total

The eHealth sector is wrapping up 2016 with a strong finish, with four digital health deals in the first two days of December, this sector’s total has climbed to 146 deals, a 15% increase compared with last year’s total of 126 transactions . On December 1, Securus Technologies Inc., a privately held technology company specializing […]

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Teleflex Keeps Cardio Deals Pumping

It’s been a busy year for mergers and acquisitions in the Medical Device sector. Through December 2, 108 transactions have been announced in 2016, compared with 113 in all of 2015. Target companies specializing in cardiovascular devices make up a small percentage of those deals, but tend to post large prices. So far, $32.8 billion […]

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Rehab Hospitals Attract More REITs in 2016

REITs are on the move in the healthcare services sectors, and rehabilitation hospitals are following the trend we’ve noted in the Hospital sector. Through December 1, REITs have made five acquisitions targeting rehabilitation hospitals, compared with two such deals announced in 2015, and two in 2014.

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Omnicell Builds Out its Medication Synchronization Platform

People with chronic medical conditions typically take a lot of medications, and it’s not uncommon that many of them skip or forget to take some of their meds as prescribed. A 2011 survey released by the National Consumers League projected that the number of Americans affected by at least one chronic condition requiring medication therapy […]